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Artificial Grass Installations El-Paso

There are not many things that look better than a green lawn. Regardless of the style or location of your home, a green lawn is an amazing addition. It looks fresh, stylish and it simply brightens up your entire yard. If you want to take things to a whole new level, you can even add more stuff. Birdhouses, flowerpots, fountains, hammocks… the choice is yours. A green lawn will always make your yard look better.

However, natural grass poses some complications. It is delicate, it produces mud if it rains and requires watering when it does not rain. The bottom line is that green lawns look great, but natural grass can be a little bit annoying. Well, if you want to enhance the looks of your home without all those troubles, there is a solution for you. Artificial grass includes all the aesthetics benefits of regular grass, without the inconveniences. And, luckily for you, Artificial Grass El-Paso has a solution for you. If you are looking to get artificial grass installed, contact us Today and get a free Quote!

Types of Artificial Grass …

As you might imagine, there are several different types of different grass. Artificial grass comes in many colors, lengths, and finishes. Here at Artificial Grass El-Paso, we have a lot of different models to suit your personal tastes. If you want to know about all the options we offer, you should pay us a visit. However, here are some of the most popular artificial grass types we carry:

• Multi-play•

This artificial grass is ideal for different purposes. It works for indoor or outdoor play areas for kids and even for sports. The pile measures 13mm height.

• Kildare•

Kildare is one of the most luxurious options we offer. Is ideal for all types of green lawns,pet-friendlyy and low maintenance. The pile height is 40mm and it features C-Yarn technology. It uses a very realistic “dead” infill.

• Galway•

Galway is one of our softest artificial grass options. It has a pile height of 35 mm and a dense thatch. It is also pet friendly and low maintenance. The vibrant color and soft finish makes the Galway an ideal choice for all types of green lawn.

• Waterford•

This is a model that is perfect for pets. It features a pile height of 30mm with C-Yarn technology. Thanks to the realistic looks and easy installation, it has a lot of potential applications. Terraces, decks, schools green lawns and nurseries all work perfectly with the Waterford artificial grass.







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Artificial Grass Installation El-Paso: The Process

One of the best things about artificial grass is that the process of installation is relatively simple. First, it depends on what your yard looks like. If you, for example, already have natural grass that looks bad, you need to remove it first. If you have concrete, gravel or just regular soil, the process is a little bit simpler. Here, at Artificial Grass El-Paso, we follow a general process to install artificial grass. Here are the main steps of the process:

Area preparation

1. The first step is to prep the area. We remove the first layer of soil to begin with. If you already had natural grass, we remove it along the first layer of soil.

setting the drainage

2. Then, we set the drainage. Since artificial grass does not absorb rain, we need to redirect the water somewhere else. Depending on how much rain is typical at your location, there are different drainage options.

border installation

3. Finally, we finish prepping the area by installing a border at the edges of your artificial grass lawn.

base installation

4. Then, we install the base. The base can consist in different materials, depending on your preferences. We offer a wide variety of bases for you to choose from. The base you choose, will determine, among other things how smooth the lawn feels when you walk on it.

Turf installation

5. After moistening and compacting the base, we install the actual turf of artificial grass. As you will see below, we offer a wide array of grass models.

edge trimming

6. If the grass carpet does not fit exactly, we cut the edges. This helps the artificial lawn look fantastic and as natural as possible.

infill addition

7. Finally, we add infill or ballast to keep the bristles standing. The choice of infill or ballast depends on your choice of artificial grass. But don’t worry; we have all the options available for your artificial grass to look perfect.

► Maintenance and Cleaning

One of the best things about all of our models of artificial grass is that they require little maintenance. They are also surprisingly easy to clean. Depending on how much you use your artificial grass, you may require different products.

If you have pets, for example, you will need sanitizer and odor eliminators. If you usually play sports on your green lawn, you could use some regular cleaning products to make your artificial green lawn shine all the times.

Regardless of your model choice and the how you use your artificial grass, you do not have to worry. Here, at Artificial Grass El-Paso, we also sell all the products you will need to keep your artificial green lawn perfect. We will also be happy to give you tips on how to keep it dashing.

What Our Clients Say

After doing a thorough research on the internet on the several artificial turf companies in El Paso, we found that Artificial Grass El-Paso offered us the best value. Their product made specifically for dogs has been for us everything the salesman said it would be. Appreciate the honesty!

Anna Johnson
Mountain view, el-paso

Our pupils couldn’t be happier with our new artificial grass from Artificial Grass El-Paso. The playground looks a lot nicer now. Thanks to the entire team at Artificial Grass El-Paso for doing such a great job!

Samantha Black
Via Hermosa, el-paso

We are getting older and  monthly grass-mowing was becoming a big deal for my husband. It’s a big deal for anyone to mow. It’s over four thousand square feet. Life is way simpler now. Our front lawn is on a corner and visible. We always have people complimenting us on our fabulous lawn, and we are happy to refer Artificial Grass El-Paso

Jennifer Collins
Mission Hills, el-paso

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